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We'll be a good match if...

  • You care about connecting with your audience
  • You're tired of feeling like you aren't enough
  • You're empowering women in any kind of way
  • You care about developing your local community with your business
  • You're trying to make the world better
  • You have a favourite brand
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You create every day: ideas, goals, opportunities, solutions, experiences… it’s different for all of us. Whatever the task, as a business owner, you spend your days creating. It’s incredibly rewarding – but it’s also exhausting. So hear us when we say “you’re doing enough! You bring so much to the table!”

At Crafted Communications, we believe you don’t need to be a master of everything to grow a successful business. We’ll help you create, curate and articulate your business’s messages so that you can be confident your brand is connecting with customers in memorable ways. That way, you can focus on running your business using your unique abilities.

So here’s to a tribe of creatives, working to solve our customer’s problems and make the world a more connected, meaningful place.

Val & Julia
Co-Founders, Crafted Communications

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We can help your business grow if…

  • You see the importance of a customer-focused approach
  • You believe in branding – down to customized error codes
  • You want to boost sales but don’t want to feel like a pushy salesman
  • You want to make your marketing dollars go further
  • You’re ready to see the difference strategy and the right words can make
  • You’re a little brand with a big personality

Before working with Crafted Communications, I was having trouble knowing how to promote my business to the right people. I didn’t know where to begin writing emails to reach out to leaders in my industry. While working with Val and Julia, what really struck me was that after my included revision stage, they took time to go through each and every question and comment I had, answering each one with their thoughts and insight.

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