Make sure you have the right words
to talk about it. 


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What is

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A way of talking about your business that nurtures your audience and feels good in your body, mind and spirit.

Holistic Marketing

It's not pushy (because it's rooted in abundance, not scarcity).

It doesn't feel slimy (because it's devoted to bringing real solutions your customer's problems).

It's authentic and allows you and your business to be fully seen (which gives your audience permission to be themselves too). 


"Throughout the entire process Julia and Val made me feel so at ease with their friendly and compassionate personalities. They took the time to connect with me and bond over commonalities which aided in my comfort with them! Overall Julia and Val were so empathic and willing to help my business be the best version of itself."
 - Cassandra, Wildhearts Studio

When it comes to marketing, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s why with holistic marketing, we look at your business as a whole. Every piece of work we do is part of a bigger picture, and we ensure that it’s supporting a marketing system that will drive your business forward. 

Nurture your business.


When writing words that build your business, we use a few essential tools and techniques: 

Keyword Research 
Writing Freely and Editing Ruthlessly 

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3 Words to use in your marketing

The work we do always begins with a strong foundation of brand messaging. Then we add strategy, research and content to support your business goals. 

Brand Development

The Essentials:

Ongoing Success

Key Messaging Guide
Target Audience Profile 
Tag lines
Mission & Values Statements

Blog Writing
Landing Page Writing & Wire-Framing 
Email Nurture Campaigns 
Light Copy Editing ($50/hr)
Heavy Content Editing ($75/hr) 
Article Writing 
Social Media Guides 
Brochures, Posters, Postcards 

Website Writing & Wire-Framing 
Email Onboarding & Sales Campaigns 
Lead Magnets 
Communications Plans (For Campaigns, Product Launches, Rebrands, etc.)


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prices range from
$500 - 2k (+ tax)

Prices range from
$500-5k (+ tax)

Prices range from
$500- 6k (+ tax)

Crafted Communications work has helped improve communications with CAA Niagara’s 139,000+ Members and the general public. The agency’s recommendations were very valuable, and we look forward to continuing to work with Crafted Communications in the future.

We'd love to chat! Sit down with two marketing experts so you can: 

Strategy Sessions

doing your own marketing but need some guidance? 

1) One-Time Session: Book a 75 minute strategy session for $180 + HST. (You'll get a recording of our session afterwards).

2) Seasonal Package: Your business has seasons and you deserve marketing support for each one! Book four-75 minute strategy sessions annually for $570 + HST. (You'll get the recordings of our sessions afterwards).

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Ask us your marketing questions 
Receive an audit of your existing materials
Bounce your new ideas off of us (and get feedback) 
Benefit from a fresh perspective so you can get "unstuck" 
Develop your marketing plan with confidence
Make the most of your time so you can work on the part of your business you love 

We've made it easy with 2 options: 

OR SAVE $150 with our seasonal package

* Video calls available during COVID-19. 

"Julia and Val are full of knowledge and resources to help you elevate your brand messaging. They identify actionable communication strategies based on the specific needs of your business or brand. They are also prompt, detail-oriented, and a joy to work with. Could not recommend Crafted Communications enough! Every business could benefit from their expertise."
- Tania & Amanda, Staff Meal Niagara

Words That Inspire Action

At the end of the day, your audience is made up of humans. You can play the game to bring them to you, but if you don't have the right words, they won't stay and listen. Don't miss your opportunity to connect with potential customers and ideal clients. 

Data is helpful. Algorithms are unavoidable. Story is essential.

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