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Content Writing vs Copywriting

  • Marketing
What’s the difference between content writing and copywriting – and how to leverage it to get eyes on your website The Practice of Savouring: Neuroscientist Rick Hanson discovered that for a person to really take in a good experience, they need to savour it for 30-seconds. After 30 seconds of soaking in something good, an … Continued
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We're passionate about the art of storytelling – especially all the creative ways it can be done! If you tell stories as a job, a side hustle or a hobby, fill out this form to get in touch. We'd love to hear about what you do. Be sure to tell us what platform you use, why you love it and how it's a compelling way of telling stories. This could be writing, design, dance, photography, video, painting ... the list goes on forever. Show us how it's a method of storytelling and we'd love to chat.

Julia and Val

Before working with Crafted Communications, I was having trouble knowing how to promote my business to the right people. I didn’t know where to begin writing emails to reach out to leaders in my industry. While working with Val and Julia, what really struck me was that after my included revision stage, they took time to go through each and every question and comment I had, answering each one with their thoughts and insight.

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